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Re: Update on Off-Topic Content On This List

you gave him exactly what he wanted, well done list. you exorcised your echo chamber and you can return to silence.


On Sun, 4 Apr 2021 at 14:34, Zachary Lee Andrews <zcrayfish@gmail.com> wrote:
On Sat, 3 Apr 2021, John Goerzen wrote:

> Hello,
> The conduct of Christoph Lohmann has been reported to the Debian listmasters.
> They have placed an 8-week ban on him on this list.
> I would anticipate similar treatment for any of his sockpuppet accounts or
> others engaging in that kind of behavior, or him if he returns to the same
> behavior after his ban.
> If any of you observe other questionable content, please feel free to contact
> me off-list and I can assist with reporting to the listmasters (or make the
> report myself).  I want this to be an ethical and welcoming community, and
> pledge to be an ally to anyone that wants to keep it that way.  You may also
> contact the Debian listmasters directly.
> This list is about Gopher and related technologies (Gemini, etc.). It is not
> a forum to advance political, racist, or sexist goals. It is not a forum for
> sharing jokes, particularly un-welcoming ones.
> I have been online long enough to see trolls and other poisonous people use
> the tired "it's just a joke; lighten up" line (and the related ones we've
> seen here lately) many more times than I care to.  I will not fall for it and
> neither will the Debian listmasters.
> Free Software is about making the world a better place, about treating all
> humans ethically, about respect for users and developers.  Racism and sexism
> are counter to these goals, and people that are spreading racist or sexist
> material using Free Software communities are no friends to Free Software.  If
> you do not understand how your own behavior is harming the cause and are open
> to learning, you may contact me off-list.
> Thanks,
> John


Thank for taking care of this issue. I hope that Christoph and others on
the list will use this as a teachable moment and realize that crass
behavior in a public forum has consequences. Racism and sexism should be
canceled post haste.

Christoph has good things for gopher in the past, and I hope he'll do some
more after his ban expires. Decades from now, I'd like to see him
remembered as ``one of those guys who kept gopher running" rather than
"that guy who wouldn't stop with the racist jokes"... Choice is totally
his though...

  Zachary Lee Andrews

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