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Re: Re[2]: Gopher Desktop Client

In addition, the StreamSocket API in for UWP Windows apps  aren't able to "peek" at one byte, so is technically impossible.

We can support APIs like IMAP where the socket starts off in non-TLS mode and then sends a cleartext "upgrade" command to switch to TLS. But the "silent" mechanism requires that the first byte be examined but not "really" read.


On Friday, March 12, 2021, 04:07:41 AM PST, Kim Holviala <kim@holviala.com> wrote:

Bradley D. Thornton wrote:
>TLS over Gopher should also use that same
port, instead of breaking things up like HTTP did using 443.
>There's no technical reason why it shouldn't
One techical reason are daemons which don't listen() themselves but rely
on inetd, xinetd, systemd or similar service daemon to do the listening.

- Kim

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