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Bitreichcon 2020 Recordings Are Online

Greetings comrades,

the Bitreichcon 2020  is over. Due to corona it  was completely online. 
All slides  and recordings  are now  online and can  of course  be seen 
using gopher:                                                           


The topics  varied from energy  efficient programming, corona  and oss, 
off to  gopher topics. There  was not much  gopher this year,  this are 
working too well.                                                       

Bitreichcon 2021 will be hopefully  in Amsterdam, meeting people again. 
Amsterdam is a  central place in Europe, so everyone  should be able to 
reach there or watch/listen using the bitreich video conference system, 
which is just ssh, IRC and some audio stream. Video streams are bloated 
and only waste resources.                                               

Btw., if anyone is saying, gopher is not modern and lacking behind, see
why people at bitreich added native gopher:// support to vlc, ffmpeg and

19:33:59    @__20h__ | annna, how many memes do you know?
19:34:00       annna | I know 2895 memes: gopher://adamsgaard.dk/0/pub/memecount

And examples:



Have as much fun as we had! :)


Christoph Lohmann

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