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Re: Gopher over TLS

Hi, I read your blog.
Let's say we register the URI scheme gophers: with port 7000 and all the other stuff you mentioned. What if the request contains something like an additional character (maybe an ASCII control sequence?) like other suggesetd on the ML. If the gopher client provides this the server uses TLS, if not it'll use plain gopher.


Am 15.03.20 um 00:49 schrieb Sean Conner:
It was thus said that the Great Emil Engler once stated:
Hi, I thought about writing a standard for a secure Gopher protocol
(short gophers).
Have there been any proposals for this yet and what's the general
consensus about this on this ML

   I wrote about this on my blog last year:


   Summary:  I don't think it's practical.  Even with the "peek the stream to
see the TLS handshake" would require updating all gopher servers at the


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