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Re: Gopher over TLS

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 11:40 AM Emil Engler <me@emilengler.com> wrote:
@klez sent a XKCD with the current stiuation.
If that's the case would anyone be interested in co-authoring an RFC?
I personally never wrote an RFC. The only standardization document I
wrote was BIP 179.
Having a RFC is the first steps for a general standardization.

Happy to collaborate. I am not experienced at it though. Only ever drafted, but not published at IETF, this Gopher over HTTPS document last year:
Draft: https://sebdeckers.github.io/gopher-over-https/draft-sebdeckers-gopher-over-https.html
Source: https://github.com/sebdeckers/gopher-over-https

IIRC there is currently no Gopher working group at the IETF. We might want to first propose a charter for a Gopher working group.

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