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Re: Gaufre, Gopher over HTTP (GoH), and Gopher over TLS (GoT)

On 3/10/20 12:06 AM, Sebastiaan Deckers wrote:
> I created Gaufre, a web client for Gopher that uses two experimental
> protocols. No changes to the Gopher protocol, just transporting Gopher
> over HTTP and TLS respectively. (Similar to the DNS over HTTP and DNS
> over TLS protocols.)
This is very cool. I was wondering what happened when your web proxy
blipped the other day. Regardless, I like the method here as it should
also allow for an easy gopher plugin design in the style of Overbite as
the client instead of a specific web page. By exposing gopher via HTTP
requests you got around the direct TCP request issue that has required
the Onyx component for OverbiteNX, and by making the code for goh public
we can also avoid using a single point proxy service like Floodgap. Well

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