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Re: Questions about URLs for Gopher search items

On 27.10.2019 19:42, solderpunk wrote:

In fact, while:

$ gopher gopher://gopher.floodgap.com/7/v2/vs%09cheese

causes gopher to ask me for input,

$ gopher gopher://gopher.floodgap.com/1/v2/vs%09cheese

works as expected. Which was kind of my point.

As I remember, UMN gopher isn't intended to be run like that. See its manual page:

   -p path
        specify  a specific selector string to send to the gopher server
              on startup.

   -T type
        let the client know what type of object the -p option is  point‐
              ing at.

   -i search term
        tell  the client what to search for in the object defined by the
              -p and -T 7 options.

So, one should use

    gopher gopher.floodgap.com -T 7 -p /v2/vs -i cheese

instead. And this is clearly documented in the man page.

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