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Re: New Gopher clients & software

> For me personally, the best thing would be to have the ability to 
> directly view gopher:// links in a modern web browser. Cameron's old 
> Firefox plugin was excellent but technology changes have made that 
> approach much more challenging if not impossible. I have set up a 
> gopher to http proxy at gp.ratthing.com and it works great but it would 
> be nice to just open a web browser and not have to think about using a 
> proxy.

Ray, how do you find OverbiteNX? Does that get a little better? It needs a
separate component (which you can build from source if desired) but it's what
I use on macOS and Windows now, and it works fine on Linux, *BSD and the
other tier-3 systems. Officially it's experimental but I like it personally.
It does not need or use proxies.


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