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Eomyidae is flying.

Greetings comrades.

I want to inform you that  eomyidae[0][1] is now flying in gopherspace. 
Those little  rodents fly all  around and  for now only  collect menus, 
servers  etc.  They  respect  the  robots.txt,  as  discussed  on  this 
mailinglist. No regexp, just checking, if a selector begins with.       

At brcon2018 I outlined what I want in this presentation:


During brcon2019 on day 2, I will release the source, all data gathered 
so far and further ideas. All ideas are welcome too.

If you  see this in  your logs,  eomyidae retrieved the  robots.txt and 
wished you a nice day:                                                  

	»This is eomyidae, your friendly crawler. See
	gopher://gopherproject.org/1/eomyidae for more info.
	Have a nice day!«


Christoph Lohmann

[0] gopher://gopherproject.org/1/eomyidae
[1] gopher://gopherpedia.com/0/Eomyidae

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