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Re: A www question

>>> On 2 Feb 2019, at 10:04 am, barana . <Barana24@***> wrote:
>>> My mate is doing up a ... and I've been telling him about gopherspace
>>> as a ..'Surfing experience'.. is there any gopher to www gateways?
 Ga?l El?go?t <galgot@free.fr> wrote:
> Sorry, Isn?t it what :
> https://gopher.floodgap.com/gopher/

I think you wants to go the other direction, gopher => WWW.  I only
know a site-specific options, like the gopherpedia site and NOAA weather
forcasts.  I suppose news feeds are another example.  Maybe a decade or
so ago I recall seeing several government sites that offered 'text-only'
versions of thier sites, usually via some sort of proxy.  Since so much
of today's web is dynamically generated it would be pretty tough to
make a comprehensive gopher-to-www proxy.  A simple 'lynx -dump' would
let you browse many sites but anything with a menu or script-generated
content would be unavailable.


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