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pygopherd: can't process html links in subdirectories

After fiddling with gophernicus, then pygopherd, I noticed that pygopherd has trouble processing html links depending on which gophermap file they're found in. If an html link or html file appears in /var/gopher/gophermap, it's processed fine. However, if the gophermap file is somewhere deeper, say, /var/gopher/if-archive/gophermap, it fails like this:

   3'/if-archive/URL:http://www.ifarchive.org' does not exist (no handler
   found) error.host 1

Why is this happening?

I'm split between using pygopherd or gophernicus. Pygopherd works well with systems. I like gophernicus a bit better, but the author is still having trouble getting it to work with systemd.

This is /var/gopher/gophermap:
===begin quote===
Feedling sounds can be heard from all around.

0About this gopher	/about.txt
1Interactive Fiction Archive Mirror	/if-archive/
1Yaesu VX-7 Files	/vx7
1Random Amusing Text Files	/text/
1Computer Underground Digest	/cud/

Other places in Gopherspace...

1Floodgap's Veronica-2 Server	/v2/	gopher.floodgap.com	70
1Gogoph, Damien Carol's Gopherspace	/	dams.zapto.org	70
1Quux.Org Mega Server	/	gopher.quux.org	70
1The Gopher Project	/Software/Gopher	gopher.quux.org	70

hLibrary of Congress	URL:http://www.loc.gov
===end quote===

Now here's the beginning of /var/gopher/if-archive/gophermap:
===begin quote===
You feel somewhat disoriented as you pass through...

This is the IF-Archive mirror at gopher.661.org.
However, it is not the IF archive itself.
The actual IF Archive is at...

hhttp://www.ifarchive.org	URL:http://www.ifarchive.org
hftp://ftp.ifarchive.org	URL:ftp://ftp.ifarchive.org

Unsure how to get started in the world of text adventures?
Try these web sites:
hStarter links at IFWiki	URL:http://www.ifwiki.org/index.php/Starters
hBrass Lantern Beginner Resources	URL:http://brasslantern.org/beginners/
hThe Interactive Fiction Database	URL:http://ifdb.tads.org/
hThe Interactive Fiction Community Forum	URL:http://intfiction.org/forum/
===end quote===

David Griffith

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