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Geomyidae v0.34 release

Greetings comrades,

I am proud to announce the release of v0.34 of geomyidae!

This release has the codename »Above the Oceans«, because it is released 11km
above the Atlantic Ocean on the way to South America, on a plane.

There are some really interesting changes for all geomyidae users. I want to
thank all contributors for this. Make Gopher Great Again!

## Where is the v0.33 release?

There is one, but it is buggy and has a nasty listening bug. So I decided to
invest the time and finally solve all IPv6 vs. IPv4 listening bugs by
implementing multiple bindings to interfaces.

## What has changed from v0.32 to v0.33?
* More links for geomyidae resources.
* Fixes in error messages. They now show useful messages.
* Do not exit on SIGHUP. (Fix for OpenBSD startup.)
* Fix of some memory leaks.
* Relative path support in gph files!
	* This will make portable CGI applications easier possible.
	* This is now possible:

	[1|Some Cool Menu|../cool/menu|server|port]

* Fix to set the gph replacement port.
* Fix some IPv6 binding issues.
	* Some separate binding for BSDs is still in the works.
* Manpage has been beautified.
* '/' is now stripped from base path.

## What has changed from v0.33 to v0.34?
* There is finally a multi-listening implementation, which allows constant
  behaviour of IPv6 and IPv4 across all platforms, including the BSDs.

	# bind to and :: on port 7070
	geomyidae -b $(pwd) -p 7070 -d

	# bind to :: only on port 7070
	geomyidae -6 -b $(pwd) -p 7070 -d 

	# bind to the IPv4 address of some interface only
	geomyidae -4 -b $(pwd) -i google.com

	# bind to IPv6 and IPv4 of many interfaces
	geomyidae -b $(pwd) -i google.com -i google.de -i nsa.gov

## All Links



Christoph Lohmann

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