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Update on "Burrow the Burrows"

Dear Gophers,

just to let you know that the crawl of the whole Gopherspace (which I
nicknamed "Burrow the Burrows") is going on, and you can find an
update on the current graph at:


Some quick info on the crawl so far (20180827T170000Z):

  -   333 active gopherholes
  - ~1.7M active menus parsed
  - ~8.8M type-1 selectors among those active menus found
  -  ~98% of all the menus are linked by less than 3 other menus
Obviously, most of those type-1 selectors (about 90% of them) are part
of large file archives and/or news and documentation mirrors, which is
quite expected. Also, the post-processing is currently quite rough, so
the actual numbers might be slightly different (e.g., due to some
domains being merged).

The main reason why the crawl has not finished yet is that I am
limiting its speed on purpose, to avoid that it could become obtrusive
for some servers. After all, we are not in a hurry, are we?

Comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome.



P.S.: Unfortunately, I still don't receive messages from this
mailing-list, despite having registered with two different emails. If
anyone here could do anything about that, it would be much

P.P.S.: If you are wondering, the crawler would contact your
gopherhole from htonl(0x25bb6f56)

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