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Re: Good html to text rendering

If lynx is good enough, why not keep using lynx? I found it pretty good for my use case.

Il 12 agosto 2018 20:44:47 CEST, Mike Gran <spk121@yahoo.com> ha scritto:
Hey all,

I'm redoing my blog engine.

The model for the blog entries is XHTML files plus some metadata.

For the view of the entries, I want it to serve both an HTTP HTML
view and a Gopher plain text view.  

I was looking for a good html to text renderer to put in, but, the ones I've tried
(like html2text in Python) are kind of boring and do a bad job with tables.

Right now, the best one I've found is piping the text through lynx.

What is the greatest html to text rendering chain?

Mike Gran

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