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OverbiteNX progress

OverbiteNX is the Native Messaging version of Overbite for Firefox. Since
nothing much has occurred on allowing TCP/IP socket access in WebExtensions
and I regard the proxy approach used in OverbiteWX as just a stopgap, I've
been working on a native component to allow socket functionality. Today it
took its first steps and data flowed all the way from a raw socket to the


This won't be anywhere as seamless as OverbiteFF (rest in peace) was, but
I am afraid that due to the idiocy in WebExtensions this is probably the
best browser-Gopher integration we can expect.

My next investigation is to see if the native component can run on Windows.
It should, because I wrote it in POSIX C. I just need to wrap it up in some
sort of installer to get the registry keys installed. Source code will be
included so that Linux and *BSD can just compile it.

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