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TLS in Gopher

Greetings comrades.

The  idea  of  TLS  for gopher has come up again. With rising popularity
people seem to want to push all HTTP principles  into  gopher.  Since  I
have  control of geomyidae and some gopher clients for tryouts I want to
propose the following to end the whole discussion:

Ideal way:

	S->C: <TLS begins on both sides>
	C->S(in TLS): selector[\tsearch]\r\n
	S->C(in TLS): answer


	S->C: 3Some error .... (TLS on client side fails)
	# New connection
	C->S: selector\r\n
	S->C: answer

I  proposed  to  make  every selector beginning with a char of uppercase
ASCII (A‐Z) to be a special case. This will permit following  historical

* Servers allowing HTTP transparent serving.
* Maybe allow things like haproxy to work for gopher servers.

## Why no separate port?
* We need to define some way in menus for TLS entries.
* It will require not just an upgrade of clients and servers.
* It will require gophers:// to be defined and introduced.

## What other proposals were there to add TLS support?
* Using some separate tab parameter.
	* Will get in the way with gopher+.
	* Gopher+ is already a big enough burden.
* Using some caps file.
	* Reimplementation of gopher+.
	* Adds metadata for fingerprinting.
		* Think of tor usage.
	* Adds roundtrips.
* Using some special path like »/.starttls«.
	* Can overlap with real files.
* My proposal of first checking for TLS data bytes.
	* Does not add the other compatibility I mention above.

What do you people think of my proposal?

Depending  on  the input I will start implementing this in geomyidae and
sacc and write the RFC.


Christoph Lohmann

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