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[gopher] Bitreichcon 2018 – Call for Papers

Greetings comrades,

I  would  like  to inform you that bitreich[0] will hold a conference in
August 2018 in Rodez, Aveyron, South France, European Union. You can see
the details at [1][2].

The  call for papers has started.  The  topics of the conference include
gopher applications, gopher development  too.  Everyone  is  invited  to
send in a talk proposal.

France is far away for many people on this mailinglist. Everyone will be
able to follow the conference via ssh, audio stream and IRC comments. If
there  is  interest,  I can make it possible to hold a presentation from
remote too. If you want to take part in such an experiment, please  con‐
tact me directly.

See you all in the beautiful Aveyron region!


Christoph Lohmann

[0] gopher://bitreich.org
[1] gopher://bitreich.org/1/con/2018
[2] gopher://bitreich.org/0/usr/20h/phlog/2017-11-26T14-11-42-433535.md

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