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Re: [gopher] Future of this mailing list

Hi John, and everyone else!

Pls see comments inline below...

On 10/18/2017 6:32 AM, John Goerzen wrote:
Hi all,

The Debian project is in the process of deprecating [1] the
alioth.debian.org service, which hosts this mailing list.

There are several options we could pursue:

1) Migration to lists.debian.org

Yes. Let's move there.

The opportunity and the capability is afforded us for this migration.

2) Migration to Google Groups

I almost vomited when I read this. I don't go near Google Groups and can't stand using it, although there is one little HAM related list for owners of Yeasu FT-707's that, after all of these years, I'm still subscribed to and gets an occasional post.

3) Migration to some other service (which?)

Other listservs have been mentioned in the previous thread. My preference is for lists.debian.org but notwithstanding that, I'm with you John on avoiding at all costs the single point of failure, and think that a new mail server (like Kim said, setting up email servers is easy and I've been doing it since the eighties) should be under a new descriptive and unambiguous domain funded and operated by a few members here.

I already offered to provide a domain, and although I feigned an aversion to actually hosting the mail server in my facilities would be willing to do that as well - it's a second best alternative with list.debian.org being the best and most logical IMNSHO.

I will be happy to facilitate any of these, including getting subscriber
lists migrated.

First, on option #1:

At link [1], it goes into a bit of detail on the requirements.  I think
I can justify this.  The one difference is that the list is not allowed
to be moderated.  This list is only moderated because of a spam
problem.  lists.debian.org is much better about spam filtering, so I
wouldn't worry about that.  One thing to consider, though, is whether
this would falsely imply a Debian-centric nature to the project even
more than being hosted on Alioth does.

Certainly, I think that implication is a good one, lending legitimacy... I already addressed this in the earlier thread.

The part that I don't understand being part of the conversation is Usenet, and that's not a solution - it means simply shutting down the list and all of it's associated future archives aside from Usenet itself, so it is not an option in my thinking.

Forgive me for making assumptions, but I thought we already had an NNTP gateway for this list? If there isn't one already, then there should be one, but that is a separate conversation dealing with augmentation of the services that this list provides and not its retirement.

I also read that you conversed with a Gmane admin and moving to lists.debian.org would be something they could accommodate without orphaning the existing list.

Okay, some folks here call me to task for my loquacious tl;dr's... so here's my preferences in a nuthsell:

1.) migrate the list from Alioth to lists.debian.org

2.) establish the mail to news gateway (this only increases subscribership without any detriment and facilitates additional methods so all are comfortable.

3.) I don't think Gmane is the only archival service where this list is available, so we need to make sure that any others are also part of the coordinated move to another server.

Nothing against anyone else offering to provide hosting of the list (or me), but again, IMNSHO, lists.debian.org is the obvious choice, then put additional gateways in place and address those who are kind enough to archive our lists.

One other thing... http://www.jaruzel.com/apps/usenet/ looks nice. I'm almost always in favor of incorporating, "Yet Another Method", in addition to existing infrastructure.

In my mind the, "An do no harm", axiom is adhered to in my proposal. The only thing existing web and gopher resources need to do is edit the links and add a few more.

Okay on another (Off Topic) note:

I've been sort of "off-grid' recently (quite literally actually), in the
mountains of Northern California. I just secured reliable cellular
data services with the use of a beam I put atop a 36 foot push up pole
and the aid of a Wilson Electronics amplifier. It works good, but at
this time I'm looking for either a wireless backhaul or a WISP that is
local to the mountains here.

Occasionally I drive the ten miles of BLM mountain roads to a paved highway and head to Mad River for a Burger and Beer. Other than that, I'll be overwintering here in God's country.

I've gone from zero cell coverage to full bars on verizon and then using my new phone as a WiFi hotspot for my laptops. SSH works great, Mo Betta than satellite Internet yet more expensive too

I've been able to save money by taking back the primary responsibility
for my trouble tickets myself instead of paying extra folks to handle
tech support issues full time for me.

Snow, rain, sunshine, mosquitoes, ticks, more rain, inverters, solar panels and gensets.... a bear crushed my
water line coming from the spring in a few places the other day,
presumably thinking that the sound of running water was termites. I'll
kick that bears ass if he does it again, or at least puff out my chest
and scream at him like Tarzan if I catch him in the act.... It's over a quarter mile
up a ravine and around some precarioius cliffs and ridges to start the
siphon again once I repair the conduit lol.

And there's gophers too - no pun intended ;)

The only other thing I think I need is a gun that shoots hot soapy water at hippie chicks.

So that about covers my absence since the end of August. Sorry for the belated reply to this thread.

Kindest regards,

Bradley D. Thornton
Manager Network Services
TEL: +1.310.421.8268

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