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[gopher] Burrowing a Gopher Hole (tedium.co article)

This crossed my line of vision recently; Cameron and other get a nod:

Burrowing a Gopher Hole
Ernie Smith / editor @ tedium.co

 "Every time I use pieces of the early internet, I get this warm feeling in
  my chest. It's hard to describe, but I imagine it's a feeling not unlike
  the feeling that went through the crowd during the Sex Pistols concert at
  Manchester's Lesser Free Trade Hall on June 4, 1976. There's a sense of
  purity and simplicity there that is hard to recapture through other
  means--the sense that I'm witnessing something culturally important that,
  in its own way, could change the world. It feels unadulterated, without
  the frayed ends and sense of familiarity that come with years or even
  weeks of constant use. And it's one of those things where, if you feel it
  once, it's kind of like a drug. I had that feeling recently when I was
  reading up on Gopher, a part of the internet that got overshadowed by the
  World Wide Web, but in its own quiet way, still lingers on. I wanted to
  check its pulse--and while it's not a hustle-and-bustle in the way that,
  say, Twitter is, it carries. Tonight's Tedium talks about the Gopher scene
  in 2017. Yes, there still is one."

link: http://tedium.co/2017/06/22/modern-day-gopher-history/

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