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Re: [gopher] New list members not approved

In article <[🔎] 201705291840.v4TIeLso4522144@floodgap.com>, spectre-
nb4sah8SP49Wk0Htik3J/w@public.gmane.org says...
>> there  have  been complaints on #gopherproject on freenode IRC, that new
>> members to the list are not approved. At least two people who would want
>> to participate seem to have not received any confirmation to be accepted
>> to the list.
>> Can anyone look into this?
>I think that's jgoerzen's department. Haven't seen him around much these 

I'm also in a weird limbo situation, where I receive the list posts into my 
email inbox, but I can't post to the list from my email address.

So I read the list via my email, and post to the list via NNTP (using an 
ancient copy of WinVN) - Rather annoying... :'(

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