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Re: [gopher] Announcement - Gopher Browser for Windows v1.1

In article <E1d3VfH-0007yr-8O@moszumanska.debian.org>, 
kevin@veroneau.net says...

>Looks pretty good.  From the screenshots I take it that each item type opens up
>in it's own window.  I like that there is now a number of choices for Gopher on
>windows given the recent fate of the Overbite add-on in the modern HTTP browser.
>Sometimes I wish that Gopher clients did send a user-agent to better determine
>which clients people are using.

>I guess one of the biggest questions from any new client is, which item types
>does the client current handle?

It handles what Windows handles. In order it tries to do this:

1. Does the downloaded file have a known extension that Windows can handle? If so let the OS 
pick the viewer.
2. Does the gopher item type map to a known Windows app? If so launch the required app with 
the item as a param.
3. If all else fails, ask the user to pick a viewer app.

.txt and .gif/.jpg/.png are viewed internally.  You can override auto-viewing by right 
clicking on the item and selecting 'download' in the resulting Properties dialog.


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