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Re: [gopher] fld.gp: now shorten those Gopher URLs for social media

> > It's time we had a shortener for Gopher links, and this one is designed
> > so that the same resource, no matter if Gopher and HTTP, will get you to
> > the right place. Perfect for social media that has no idea what a Gopher
> > link is and the clueless people who run those sites.
> > 
> > Try it out on itself:
> > 
> > 	gopher://fld.gp/1j/p
> > 
> > AND
> > 
> > 	http://fld.gp/1j/p
> > 
> > fld.gp links may be considered permanent, but see the ToS.
> Wow, that's a really good idea! Even Mail.app cannot handle gopher links
> properly so having a http->gopher link really helps.

Yeah, I was getting annoyed by sites that couldn't handle gopher:// properly.
On App.net, for example, posting a gopher:// URL turns it into an *HTTP* link
to the same rest of the URL! Now it works no matter how the other site
interprets the link, or you can just post the HTTP link, or just fld.gp/1j/...

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