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[gopher] Kickstarting an Android gopher client?

Hello all -  Just thinking out loud here.  

I was first thinking, it's a shame there's no Android gopher client.  Then I thought, a stand-alone gopher client wouldn't be worth developing, but a text-only web browser that also handles gopher would (essentially lynx).  I mentioned the idea on Usenet at comp.infosystems.gopher and someone pointed me to the http://www.textonly.in android app, which is a text-only web browser well-liked because it strips out scripts/crap while browsing on your pay-by-the-byte 3G cellphone connection (etc.).

I'm considering approaching the developer to see if he'd be interested in adding gopher support.  Perhaps we could put together enough money to make it worth his while.  It couldn't be that hard to add gopher support, as the protocol is so damned simple.

Anyone else interested helping show this developer it's worth his while?  He may say no, of course.  But it's worth my sounding out the idea before pulling a Leroy Jenkins and going in alone!

best regards,

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