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Re: [gopher] Gophernicus 1.7 released

> On 18 May 2015, at 23:47, Iain R. Learmonth <irl@fsfe.org> wrote:
> Does Debian include Gophernicus? I can't seem to find it.

Unfortunately no, but it does come with easy .deb creation: just run “make deb && sudo dpkg -i ../*deb”. Required deps are build-essentials, fakeroot, debhelper and dpkg-dev (not sure if anything else is needed - probably not).

The sad story for future of Gophernicus is that I will not use any distro with systemd in it - so future releases might not work with current Linuxes at all. We’ll see - luckily Debian (and Ubuntu) without systemd is still supported for a couple of years, after that I’m moving to one of the BSDs (or maybe back to AIX). And I’m not trying to create some holy war here - just stating my own stance. Systemd as an init-replacement is just fine, but it replaces everything else too and that is something I’m not touching.

- Kim

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