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Re: [gopher] Question

On Sat, 14 Feb 2015 01:12:56 +0100
Kacper Gutowski <mwgamera@gmail.com> wrote:

> So I think that popularity of HTTP doesn't stem from any technical
> advantage of the protocol over Gopher but rather is just a by-product
> of the success of the World Wide Web and its non-hierarchical model of
> organizing information. 

Interestingly, present-day WWW community struggles pretty hard with
"returning" hierarchy into HTTP, as seen in REST and various other APIs
based on that protocol.

You have to admit, though, that modern HTTP does have it's undeniable
strengths over gopher.

Anyways, the original question reads like "if your precious gopher is so
good, why isn't it popular", and I doubt any real reply was expected :^)
Informative answers, tho.


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