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Re: [gopher] Introducing Gopherfeed

looks great mate!
thankyou for implementing this
tested on ubuntu 11.04 ff 16.0.2 and overbite 3.0.1627

I see some txt corruption under the mos_6502 feed ,

[External URL]    [2013-01-11 09:03] Strange peripherals… the Triton Quick Disk
[External URL][2013-01-04 11:59] Strange peripherals… the Soft Card

notice the a with a carat on top and the euro symbol and the pipe?

works decently except for a few little niggles

great little page!

> From: luke@maurits.id.au
> To: gopher-project@lists.alioth.debian.org
> Subject: [gopher] Introducing Gopherfeed
> Greetings list,
> I thought folks here might care to hear about a new free software
> project of mine, called Gopherfeed
> (https://github.com/lmaurits/gopherfeed). As the name suggests, it's a
> tool for converting RSS/Atom feeds into Gophermaps, which can make it
> very easy to quickly set up a gopher interface to existing material
> online, or to use a gopher client as a minimalist feed reader. You can
> see an example of the sort of thing Gophermap can do at
> gopher://luke.maurits.id.au/1feeds. That page is updated hourly from a
> cron job with a single command.
> I have just released Gopherfeed 1.2, which is the result of about a
> week of testing and debugging on my own site. While Gopherfeed is
> probably still far from bullet-proof, I think it should be fairly
> robust by now, with all the most obvious bugs worked out.
> There are more advanced features I would like to add (like using
> etags / Last-Modified headers to avoid fetching feeds which haven't
> changed since last time, and using multiple threads to speed up pulling
> down large numbers of feeds), but before I dive into that I want to
> make sure that the Gopher side of things is working well, since I'm
> fairly new to Gopher technology.
> I would appreciate if interested people could give Gopherfeed a spin
> and let me know how it works with various gopher servers and clients
> and on various OSes and Python versions, since my own testing has been
> pretty limited.
> Gopherfeed has been uploaded to PyPi, so if you have
> setuptools, distutils, pip or anything like that installed you should
> be able to install it simply via:
> easy_install gopherfeed
> or
> pip install gopherfeed
> etc.
> Once installed, you can get usage instructions by just running
> "gopherfeed" with no arguments, or you can see the README file on
> Github.
> Hope this is of use/interest to some of the people here.
> Cheers,
> Luke
> --
> Luke Maurits <luke@maurits.id.au>
> http://www.luke.maurits.id.au
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