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[gopher] jgopherd rewritten

Hello, it's been a long time! Don't mind the new email address.
I decided to rewrite my jgopherd, because I was a total java noob and
wasn't proud of the code I wrote.

Still at the same repo: https://github.com/richardg867/jgopherd - no
external libraries required.
The code and server are much better - uses thread pools, supports Buck
moles (finally!), properly searches jars for a mole, and has directory
indexing and a stats page backed by internal moles.

Still unsure about some stuff - if I'll re-do the HTTP interface
(Cameron's proxy is always better), if I should keep the code to
automatically disable execute-flag mole detection if it's running on
Windows, if I should cache jar moles, among other stuff.

I also rewrote the imgur and reddit gateways, but they need somewhere
to go. The server where my old gopherspace was on was kinda
unreliable, but it's showing signs of becoming reliable.

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