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Re: [gopher] Overbite for Chrome?

> > > Is anyone here interested in picking up custody of Overbite for Chrome?
> > > I'd do it, but I have absolutely no idea how to get into it.
> >
> > David, did you get my reply to you? It's a .crx; just unzip it. It's all
> > JavaScript and HTML.
> Yes, I got it.  I just don't know how to make sense of the contents.

Quick guide (public reply for the benefit of others who may be interested):

manifest.json: extension information. Google documents this. However, you
need to work with manifest2.json because the manifest fields and semantics
changed with Chrome 24.

jquery*.js: bog-standard jQuery, used for selector rewriting

*.png: assets, just open them to see them

billmurray.html: settings page (communicates to extension the selected proxy)

caddyshack.html: main overlay. Adds a listener to the Omnibox that looks for
something looking like a search result starting with gopher://. If it sees
this, it takes over the browser and rewrites the URL to the selected
proxy by handing it over to aurevoir.html (see below). Also contains the
listener that receives the proxy from billmurray.

aurevoir.html: just a transition page between caddyshack and the proxy.

aurevoir.js: injected by the browser as a content script (see the manifest).
When run, it finds all gopher:// URLs in the page and rewrites the links to
point to the selected proxy.

The problem is because of the changes in permissions and what extensions are
allowed to do by the browser (damn you to hell, Google), this all needs some
serious retooling. Optimally now that Chrome supports some modicum of socket
access, maybe it's time for a new Overbite Chrome that actually speaks
gopher (like OverbiteFF does) instead of redirecting to a proxy.

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