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Re: [gopher] Gophernicus fully supported on Haiku OS

On 19.7.2012 9:11, Walter Vermeir wrote:

The current 1.4-beta source package now supports Haiku.

That is great. Have you send also a note to people of the Haiku OS to
let them known?

Nope, not yet. I kinda got stuck with OpenWRT support - it works but the Makefile is such an ugly hack I had to stop coding and start thinking....

Suggestion; advertise the support of the different operation systems
more then only a note in the "install" file.

Well, since Gophernicus is just plain C with no depencies to anything, it should compile on pretty much any platform. The HaikuOS support was not in the code (other than a few bugfixes), but in the Makefile so that it can automatically install itself under network_server.

I would mention it also here;

Hmm... Now that's a pretty good idea. Will do.

- Kim

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