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[gopher] Gopher! (fwd)

First, there is now Gopher on iOS -- GopherBrowse is available from the
Apple Store. It is 99 cents, to defray the Apple tax presumably, but it is
a very nice client and integrates very well with the iPad. It does not do
image scaling quite right, and can't download or run Telnet, but other than
that the basics are covered and it supports hURLs and search servers.

I also was notified about a new Gopher server platform in Java with some
interesting features:

----- Forwarded message from Richard -----

From: Richard <richard@viamep.com>
Subject: Gopher!

Hi, I'm the same guy who tweeted you about making a gopher server in Java.

I got no download available atm, but here's git:
It's got all Buck features except globbing and adds HTTP support (try and j-moles, which are java jars coded
specifically to be ran like a mole.

Here's what I did using j-moles:
If you want to add them to fun'n'games, that'd be nice, but mind the
possible but rare slowness, it's running on a cheap VPS I got off a
friend. The imgur mole cooperates with the reddit one since all imgur
gallery pics have a reddit post associated with them.

----- End of forwarded message from Richard -----

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