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[gopher] geomyidae 0.25


I'm glad to announce geomyidae 0.25 [0] (version was incremented
by random choice).

New features:
	* DCGI support (interpreted CGI output)
	* robust CGI and DCGI handling
	* cleaner CGI argument handling
	* some cleanups
	* updated manpage

The referenced CGI is not the HTTP CGI, it's stripped script exe-
cution with the real Gopher needs in mind. See the »CGI« file in
the source distribution fort further details.

Fort staying up-to-date on geomyidae development, please refer to
the git repository at [1].


Christoph Lohmann

[0] http://git.r-36.net/geomyidae/snapshot/geomyidae-0.25.tar.gz
[1] http://git.r-36.net/geomyidae/

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