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[gopher] Selector types summary


just a summary of the selectors I know:

Selectors defined in the RFC:
0 - textfile
1 - menu
2 - cso protocol?
3 - error
4 - Macintosh encoded BINHEX format?
5 - PC-DOS binary?
6 - uuencoded
7 - search
8 - telnet
9 - binary file
+ - redundant server (mirror)?
g - GIF file
I - image file
T - tn3270 session?

Selectors seen in the wild:
h - hypertext link
i - informational item (text)

Some questions regarding them:

What is this CSO protocol? I can't find any specification of it.
Can someone point me at a still running server?

4, 5, 6 and 9 seem to be redundant for binary files? The only
difference is, that some old clients may be interested in such

g and I are redundant for image files?

How is the + type supposed to work? The balancing server is send-
ing out a menu with all the redundant servers first and then the
client decides where to connect?

8 and T are redundant for interactive sessions? I would propose
a selector type for SSH: 's'.


Christoph Lohmann

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