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Re: [gopher] Dynamically linked Mosaic on Linux??

> > > So if I understand this correctly, Mosaic segfaults due to
> > > dereferenciong a NULL pointer while trying to get the color depth
> > > of the screen. Weird.
> > 
> > No, this crash is in prefs. It seems not to like an existing?
> > preferences file. Do you have one already? What happens if you delete
> > it?
> > 
> Well, until two minutes ago i beleived there was no prefs file as i
> never produced one. On the other hand, i just found one in ~/.mosaic .
> Had a look at it, it referenced Mosaic-CK. Deleted it, and tried again,
> same result. The file reappeared, so apparently Mosaic creates it when
> started first time. 
> I don`t know, but could this be caused different endianness?? PPC is
> big-endian IIRC while most of the rest is little-endian.

Can I take a look at what it's creating? Either send me offlist as an
attachment or to the list, whichever is easier.

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