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[gopher] Gophernicus, caps and revival of gopher++

[insert witty greeting here]

Inspired by brother Jay of quix.us fame I started coding gophery stuff again...

First thing I did this morning was adding native support for Cameron's caps.txt (see gopher://gophernicus.org/0/caps.txt for a live example). The format of my caps.txt is pretty identical to that from Cameron, apart from the comments which I removed (keeps the code cleaner). I did add one key to it which I think it fairly important (forget the Output* headers, those were just for testing):


This tells the client which protocol the server confirms to. I guess pygopherd could change that to "gopher+":


Or maybe like this:

ServerProtocol=RFC1436, gopher+

Or how about



This got me thinking about my failed attempt at extending the protocol to make it possible for the client to include metadata in the request. I had to scrap the extensions because some servers just didn't like the extra stuff... So, with caps.txt the client could first query the server about the protocol, and if caps says it's ok to have extra metadata then it could send 'em.

Or something like that.

Comments? Ideas?

- Kim

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