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Re: [gopher] gophervr compilation trouble

> > I gave Cameron's suggestion one more try, but this time put before all the
> > #includes instead of after where I had it before. That seemed to do the
> > trick to get gopherto3d compiled. Yay, and thanks!
> > 
> > However, now I'm getting an error when make tries to compile
> > motiftools.com (log attached). Any more ideas?
> motiftools.com?
> I set up Ubuntu 10.04 on a VM and was able to get it to build successfully
> with the change to gopherto3d.c. That said, it bombs with a floating point
> exception, so I need to do a little debugging in gdb.

nvm. Line 200 in lcube.c, insert

     if (usec_render == 0) usec_render = 1;

Looks like we have a little div-by-zero problem. With that and _GNU_SOURCE,
it builds fine for me on 10.04 with all patches and seems to run correctly.
I'd make sure your development headers are all up to date and installed,
then retry with those changes. Let me know.

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