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Re: [gopher] The archived copy of Hal3000.cx is now up and running

On 2010-05-02 21:26, Alex Nordlund wrote:

at gopher://gophernicus.org/1/archive.q?hal3000.cx:70/1,99808e0eb66fd016ae431be535d8b81d
when I try to download
I just get:

Failed to Connect
The connection was refused when attempting to contact hal3000.cx.

I don't archive binaries, and when something isn't in the archive the request gets redirected to the original server....

... which is dead.

Question is, should I start archiving binaries too? Pros? Cons? Like I said before, I wasn't going to archive anything, I was just doing a search engine - and search engines don't index binaries.

And yes, the URLs look ugly - the md5sum in the url was just a temporary fix...

- Kim

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