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Re: [gopher] gopher++ examples with Gophernicus/0.5-alpha

> > > gopher://gophernicus.org/1/software/patches/gopher++/
> >
> > Seems straightforward enough. What do other people think? It looks like it
> > would work okay with non-G++ servers.
> Before you apply the patch you might want to increase the screen width 
> to 80 chars - I don't see why Mosaic wouldn't show full-width stuff.

I just need to mess with the font selection.

> Oh, and if you're doing a new release please rename the getline()'s 
> which make compiling on Linux fail.

Yes :) however, I have other plans in mind for ck9, so that is not coming
out imminently -- for one thing, I am trying to fix the line box to be more
flexible, which lays out okay but does not make clickable areas right.

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