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[gopher] Mailing List Decisions

By now it seems consensus is forming that people don't want to move to
Google, but would like to see the list at some *forge.  So let's see if
we can reach consensus about this:

My preference if we do that leans towards alioth.debian.org, mainly
because I already have an account there, shell access there, and am
involved with the sponsoring project (Debian).  I would be happy to
entertain savannah.nongnu.org or some other forge as well, if people prefer.

Alioth policy requires a Debian developer to create the project, but
then after that anyone can maintain it.  You need not have an Alioth
account to participate on the list; you can go straight to mailman.

I try to avoid SourceForge these days.  It has become so commercialized
that most pages are nothing but blatant and annoying ads with a little
content around the edges.


-- John

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