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[gopher] Gopher proxy rendering on smartphone

OK...just got a new Nokia E71x smartphone, and was curious what gopher
would look like.  No native gopher clients to be found running on
Symbian OS, so I visited my gopher proxy

Three words to sum things up:  Fast, compact, and easily navigable!
(Four words, sorry...)  Screw WAP and whatever else passes for
butchering HTML pages...gopher is the way to go.  I'm already thinking
of ways to proxify existing HTML content into gopher...

So a few ideas come to mind:

1.  A more compact (i.e., less wide) layout would be useful. 
Some input from other cellphone users on the list as to what might
constitute a good compromise between ease of navigation and
readability would be useful.

2.  A Symbian gopher client?  If we build it, will they come?  (Even
navigating HTML pages on an iPhone is a horrible, twisted experience.
The "linearity" of a gopher page [up and down navigation, rather than
having to scan the entire page for links] is a definite plus.) 


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