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[gopher] Re: Gopher Markup

I think it's more correctly to tell about questions, not problems now.
First, I wanted to have users' gopher homepages stored in their home
subdirectories  - I called that in my case public_gopher, after examples
of public_html and public_ftp. However, for that I had to disabled
chroot in pygopherd config, which is not so good for the system
security. Is it possible to have both at the same time in any way -
chroot and gopher homepages stored in users home folders'
subdirectories? And is it possible with Apache, if I may ask?
Second, did I understand it correctly that links on a server always
begin with the type of the target as kind of parent directory, kind of
Thanks in advance.

=D0=92 =D0=9F=D0=BD=D0=B4, 10/08/2009 =D0=B2 20:29 -0500, Benn Newman =D0=
> Hello
> On Fri, Aug 07, 2009 at 09:03:53PM +0200, Freddy Cruger wrote:
> > What I will probably need is info on gopher markup language. There was
> > something about 'i' or so, but I didn't understand the whole yet.
> >=20
> The pygopherd manual should be able to help you.  Do you have any
> specfic problems?
> Benn

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