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[gopher] Re: Please try out the world's first wiki-based gopher proxy!

> > Neat. The only glitches I found is that it butchers ASCII art (but I can
> > understand the reason for this), and plaintext gets mangled since it doesn't
> > have HTML breaks. But I like the idea!
> I'm torn:  I like the readability of a proportional font, but yes, it
> does wreak havoc with things that depend on monospace fonts.  I'm
> still trying to figure this one out.

Yeah, I figured it was something like that. It's a tough line to walk.

> Where did you find an instance of plaintext mangling?  I'd like to see
> this, as I'm going a global search and replace on \r\n with HTML
> breaks already...

Here's one, among others:


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