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[gopher] Re: Anouncement: A New Version of Gopher Client

2009/2/17 Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com>:
>>     - graphical Gopher+ menus invented by Gopher+ (probably you
>>       won't find them anywhere but it was simple to do, so why not :-) )
> I'm curious -- what is this feature doing, exactly?
The idea is to display a Rich Text Format document *instead* of the
text only menu. RTF can contain images of course. It also implements
some kind of hyper links - so when you click on specific word it will
open a new document/menu.
An example of such menu (source) can be seen here:
Specification is available here:
And here:
You can also see, that there was not much enthusiasm about it back
then ... But it was simple to add the support for it so I did it :-)


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