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[gopher] Overbite build 1419

I haven't heard back from the tester who submitted the original bug report,
so I'll pass it to the group. Overbite build 1419 is available which fixes
some small cosmetic issues, and has one big change, namely "dotless" mode.

"Dotless" is an internal filter to suppress the famous final full stop that
the Gopher protocol ambiguously asks for or not on textual transmissions, but
which can trip up markup language parsers (for example, the current build
downloads SVG images correctly, but the Mozilla image parser refuses to
display them if the trailing period gets added by the server). With "dotless"
enabled, which is the default in 1419, if the dot plus a variable amount of
trailing white space or newline/returns exist at the end, they are trimmed.
However, I don't want to completely eliminate transparency, so if the
preference extensions.overbiteff.dotless is present and set to false,
OverbiteFF will fall back on the old behaviour and will not try to filter
the trailing period.

I hope to release 1419 with the coincident release of Firefox 3.1, and then
start on Overbite 1.2 with XUL. However, as Firefox 2.0.0.x is now end of
life, 1.1.* will be the only supported version for Firefox 2, although I will
still make bug fixes and security patches against 1.1 for a period of time
after Mozilla ends Firefox 2/Moz 1.8 support.

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