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[gopher] Re: get binary files using gopher server

"Jorge Pinckney" <jorgep@arzhabana.co.cu> wrote:

> Please, I want to know about get binary files using a live gopher server
> (via email only) I have not access to WWW, I just can use email service
> Thanks a lot
> Jorge Pinckney

Hummm - interesting situation!

I'm not positive, but I think you're going to be limited to those
gopher servers that are running GopherMail.  I know gopher.kostecke.net
runs GopherMail as I've used it.  There's some documantation on the

 Linkname: Gophermail Guide
 URL: gopher://gopher.kostecke.net/00/docs/gophermail

As for the binary file transfer issue, you'll have to hope that
any binary files requested get uuencoded or similar  when attached to
the email message, otherwise you'll likely get garbage.

Jeff W.

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