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[gopher] Re: Improved binary file detection in Bucktooth 0.2.2

> > The other thing I might do is just expand the number of file extensions
> > Bucktooth recognizes and generates item types for, since -B is the
> > fall-through case and there will always be datasets falling in the tails
> > of the bell curve.
> There is a Perl module that used the /etc/magic file to determine file
> types in the same way as "file" does (File::Type).   That might be one
> approach...

Yeah, that would work too, except it would still be a lot of iteration (but
definitely would save the overhead of a fork). What I need to do is just
figure out a more reliable way to identify binary data cheaply ("let Perl
do it" being, of course, the cheapest way from Perl :-).

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