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[gopher] Re: PocketPC / Smartphones

I use it that way, there are several browsers that do, in addition pygopherd serves in gopher, html and wap at the same time, so regardless from one server you can view your content in many ways.
Personally , I feel gopher is better than wap, but then developers of wap wouldnt have had anything to do ;)
Happy Holidays!

On Mon, 24 Dec 2007 22:54:16 +0100
Mark <mark@w00f.eu> wrote:

> Gopher would be an ideal candidate for today's small pocketPC's,
> palmtops, smartphones etc, because it's mainly text-based and easy to
> navigate. I am all for it... maybe this is a good way to promote
> gopher's usefulness. It would be great to have a good gopher client..
> but i wonder if there is one!
> Mark

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