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[gopher] Re: Final dot required on server request?

that's really odd. nearly every gopher server i've connected to stays with 
the RFC, which indicates the terminating dot is required.

however, gopher is a connectionless protocol. you connect, the server sends 
and disconnects. so i suppose technically, you don't need the ending period, 
you just need to read the socket until the connection closes.


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Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2007 6:40 PM
Subject: [gopher] Final dot required on server request?

>I noticed that PyGopherd does not appear to send a final "." character
> prior to terminating the connection, but Bucktooth does.  A quick read
> of the RFC leads me to believe the "." is to be expected.  Has this
> been deprecated?  It's not a big deal, just need to know how to write
> a bit of code to either expect or not expect the dot.
>  --Brian

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