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[gopher] Re: Final dot required on server request?

> I noticed that PyGopherd does not appear to send a final "." character
> prior to terminating the connection, but Bucktooth does.  A quick read
> of the RFC leads me to believe the "." is to be expected.  Has this
> been deprecated?  It's not a big deal, just need to know how to write
> a bit of code to either expect or not expect the dot.

My interpretation of the standard is that it is recommended, but that
clients should still handle an end-of-data condition gracefully.

To this end, I've deliberately taken a compromise view in Bucktooth where
"text" data has the final "." but binary data (or what Bucktooth perceives
is binary) does not, for those clients that simply suck all data and
assume that's the file.

However, PyGopherd would also be spec-compliant insofar as the clients
should handle the condition.

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