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[gopher] Re: Problem with SiMpLeMaChInEs

I can view the Simple Machines page under Windows.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 6:42 AM
Subject: [gopher] Re: Problem with SiMpLeMaChInEs

> Yes, testing has confirmed that it is indeed a Port 70 issue.  This is now 
> preventing computer platforms using either Windows or Pure DOS (and I 
> suspect Atari, Acorn, and Amiga) from accessing your Server.
>  Is there any vital reason why you had to move the server away from Port 
> 70, and is there any compelling reason why you could not return it to Port 
> 70?
> SiMpLe MaChInEs <simple@sdf.lonestar.org> wrote:
>  JumpJet Mailbox wrote:
>> Thinking it was an ISP problem, I tried connecting from a PC at the
>> local library. Still could not connect, and I am getting the following
>> error message -->
>> 0Sorry, but the requested token could not be found Err localhost 70
>> .
>> ...
>> There is currently a problem with SiMpLeMaChInEs ("jgw.mdns.org").
>> Connecting to the gophers Root directory crashes browsers (tested with
>> both I.E. and Lynx on Windows, and Lynx on DOS).
> Hello my furry friends,
> It is I, keeper of the Simple Machine(s). We had a short power outtage
> the other night. Perhaps that was actually noticed by someone out in
> gopherspace, though I doubt it.
> I don't know what might be Jumpy J's problem other than perhaps Windozes
> doesn't like the NAT router moving port 70 to a higher, non-privileged
> port. The server, gopherd_BSD, isn't very feature-full and of course
> not widely tested, hence the "Beta" on the root index page. The only
> issue I've noticed, which I've mentioned before, is that UMN gopher
> seems to truncate some pages, ie. you'll get maybe 85% of a text page.
> Reloading doesn't seem to help. The lynx browser (on NetBSD) works
> fine as does Firefox (also on NetBSD). I'd appreciate any feedback for
> other client/plateform combos of course.
> Eventually I'll probably get tired of gopherd_BSD and install something
> more mainstream like Bucktooth or PYGopherd. Eventually.
> Have a hot summer,
> -Jeff
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