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[gopher] Content for a gopher server?

This was bounced from the m/l because I had the audacity to embed the
word "s u b s c r i b e" in my original post :)  So here's retry #2:


I've been playing with gopher for some time now, and am ready to go
live, if not just to show some support...however, I really can't come
up with an idea of what kind of content to host.  I don't have any
archives to speak of, belong to a few mailing lists that I've
thought about hosting, but beyond that, I'm stuck.  

Actually, I'm not averse to simply setting up a gopher server for the
sake of doing so, but it would be nice to actually host something
along the way!

Any suggestions?  Ideas?  Things that haven't been done yet?  


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